Why a 'free quote' may not be a good idea after all.

Many companies proudly proclaim that they will give you a 'free estimate' or 'free quote'. As we all know, nothing is free. All companies need to cover the costs of sending someone out to assess your problem. If you are not outright paying for their time, you will often find that 'free' comes with high pressure sales until you break down and give them the job. At that point, the cost of your consultation, as well as some of the costs from people who did not hire them, is worked into what you pay.

As a general rule, if you want to know how much it will cost to fix something, such as a roof or torn siding, a free estimate should cover it. If you need a company to find out what’s wrong with something, like why your basement is leaking, a free estimate probably won’t cover it. Someone will have to figure out where the water is coming from and how to keep it from entering your home. Each situation is different. Companies charge for the time it takes to do a good, thorough job, as workers need to diagnose the reason of the problem.

Generally we have found that a client asking for a price is asking, “How much will you charge me for such product or service?” That means, "I know what I need, just gimme your price." A client asking for a consultation is saying, “I have this problem. Please suggest the best solution, possible budget options and tell me how much it will cost.”

In the end, by being willing to pay for a quote or consultation, you are helping yourself have a better run project. Here are some of the benefits of paying for a quote:

Newborg Drainage & Landscaping Company charges $75 for a highly experienced person who will come to your site, discuss the problems and possible solutions with you.

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